Save Trees By Recycling Your Cardboard Moving Boxes – Infographic

Most people have no idea the incredible impact of being able to save trees by recycling their cardboard moving boxes. A typical move uses roughly 60 cardboard boxes, which is more than half of a 1 ton pine tree.

With 42 million moves per year in America, that equals out to 28,560,000 trees used up! 132,720,000 gallons of oil, 11,760,000,000 gallons of water, and lastly, 70,560,000,000 Kilowatts of energy.

The unfortunate by product of this is that it creates 1,680,060 gallons of air pollution and 5,040,000 cubic yards of landfill waste.

In closing, the real kicker is that recycling cardboard only requires 75% of the energy used to make new cardboard. PLEASE RECYCLE!!!

Recycle Moving Boxes
From: Recycle Moving Boxes
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