How to Bake a Texty Cake

Do you think of structure and all of the important components of a good blog post when you write your content? Yes, you are a creative person, you wait for your muse to come, you generate ideas for blog posts, you think of unusual material feed, BUT your blog posts will never be effective if you don’t know about all of the “ingredients” needed to make a post look and “taste” delicious to readers.

Have you ever wondered why only 20% of your audience read your posts? It’s true. Eighty percent of visitors leave your blog once they’ve read the headline; so, maybe it’s high time to do something about that?

This infographic from on how to write a good blog post perfectly describes the process of structuring your online content and making it “meaty” for readers to like and share. Learn how to create posts that convert and let us know if you agree with all aspects the infographic represents.


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