When is it Best To Use a Professional Writing Service?

writing service infographic

Why is it good to hire a professional writing service rather than doing the work yourself? We are glad you asked! Here we present the reasons why it is better to use an online writing service when writing a paper. Also, we compare what happens when the professional team does it and when you write it yourself, including interesting statistics students will find useful. Taking […] Read more »

How to Write Effective Content

content writing infographic

What is the best way to gain more traffic to your site? Create quality and effective content. Effective content writing plays an important role in turning site visitors into satisfied customers. It is as important as the design and aesthetic design of your website. One way to make your site rank on major search engines is to write engaging and entertaining content. So, what are […] Read more »

7 Tips for Writing a Killer Press Release

press release infographic

The main goal of a press release is to report specific, yet brief information about an event, circumstance or any happenings tied to a company or organization. So are you ready to craft your press release? Make sure it’s effective so that when someone reads it, they may likely call you back. Read on for more tips to help you craft a great press release. Read more »

Launching An Academic Writing Freelance Career

freelance writing infographic

In recent times a marketplace for freelance writers has turned out to be one of the most growth oriented business models. It has ample market space and huge demand from both consumers and writers. From freelance writers to businesses, such websites are in huge demand and offer great sustainability. The fact remains that the need for proficient content will never end making it a viable […] Read more »

Unusual Jobs of Famous Writers

Writers' Weird Jobs Infographic

Do you still think that current big-name authors were successful from the beginning? Definitely, no! You will be surprised at which ways they were moving forward and which jobs they had before they started reaping the fruits of their writing labor This infographic will tell you about different little-known facts of your favorite writers. Have you ever imagined that Steven King was once working as […] Read more »

How to Bake a Texty Cake

Writing a Blog Post Infographic

Do you think of structure and all of the important components of a good blog post when you write your content? Yes, you are a creative person, you wait for your muse to come, you generate ideas for blog posts, you think of unusual material feed, BUT your blog posts will never be effective if you don’t know about all of the “ingredients” needed to […] Read more »

Blogger Vs. Journalist: The Ultimate Debate Solved

Blogger Vs Journalist Infographic

Are bloggers and journalists similar? What do they have in common? What are the perks of being a blogger or a journalist? The debate has been going for almost 10 years but no one has been able to give a straightforward answer to the Blogger vs Journalist debate. Until now. The infographic below presents the comparison of blogger and journalist on the following points: salary, […] Read more »

Different Writing Techniques of Famous Writers

Writing is a skill that one cannot learn or acquire overnight. The best way to further enhance your writing skills is to make use of certain techniques and to form habits that will make you become an excellent writer. Almost all of the best and famous writers in the world share the same habits and techniques. Not all of them were able to write their masterpiece […] Read more »

Tolkien’s Tips for Writers

Writing Tips Infographic

Crazy about The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and want to become a better writer? Here you will find 10 tips from J.R.R Tolkien himself. They are authentic, taken from the letters of Tolkien and edited by Humphrey Carpenter. Many of us are looking forward to watching the final movie in The Hobbit trilogy. Open up a world of fantasy and adventure by checking out […] Read more »

6 Steps To Create A Successful WordPress Blog – Infographic

6 Steps To Create A Successful WordPress Blog - Infographic

What is the easiest way to create a successful blog? Well you may or may not know that WordPress is the easiest platform to create and host your blog on. 6 Easy Steps To Create A Blog Pick the domain name you would like for your blog Choose the best web hosting for your needs Install WordPress Choose the best WordPress theme for your needs […] Read more »