What Do Millennials Eat?

The trend of naming different generations started after World War II, and the only generation so far that has earned more than one nickname is generation Y, also called Gen Next, Millennials, and very interestingly, the Foodie Generation. These young people born in the early ‘80s are redefining the culinary scene, and for that reason they totally deserve such a fun nickname.

Their eating habits combined with their dependency on technology are revolutionizing the food industry, which is why many food manufacturers are interested in learning more about this group. They realized that they need to be informed about the millennials’ cravings and eating habits in order to produce just what these young people need.

And what do they need? Judging from this infographic on what millennials eat, they are quite contradictory in their cravings and lifestyles. For example, they are very environmentally conscious and concerned about healthy eating, but research shows that no generation has been as overweight. Also, many of them prefer cooking, but just as many of them like to go out and have a fast, casual meal. Check out the infographic and see what else defines millennials taste in food, and how they are influencing the food industry.

What Do Millennials Eat?

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