Understanding the Differences Between BLDC Motors and Brush DC Motors

BLDC motors are rising in popularity and as a result continue to be used more often in a variety of industries, from robotics to aeronautics. What makes them superior to other motors? The infographic below examines some of the key differences between BLDC motors and their main competition – brush DC motors.

BLDC motors come in a variety of configurations, but the most widely used look much like brush-type motors. However, brushless DC motors have a wound stator that surrounds a permanent magnet rotor, an inverse arrangement from that of brush motors. Stator windings are commutated electronically rather than through a conventional commutator and brushes. Because they don’t have commutators, brushless DC motors are more efficient and require less maintenance. Plus, they can operate at higher speeds.

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BLDC Motor Components Infographic

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