The Common Reasons Why Girls Spot Before Their Period

One reason most girls start fretting while expecting their menstrual period is spotting. Spotting is light blood from the vagina that is usually lighter than normal period flow. There are several reasons a girl would have vaginal spotting. The most common is unstable hormones.

Now you may wonder how hormones may fluctuate and cause spotting? During your menstrual period, the endometrium that covers your womb is shed out. This does not occur on its own. It is controlled by hormones that cause constriction of endometrial blood vessels.

Therefore anything that affects the production of estrogen and progesterone will cause some menstrual irregularities. Stress from work, hours of work, or breaking up with a boyfriend may affect these hormones.

Other simple ways hormone secretion may be affected are traveling long distance or not getting enough sleep. During examinations students have little time to relax. Reading all day and night may also affect menstrual period hormones.

Hormone imbalance is not the only cause of vaginal bleeding. This infographic makes it easy for you to learn more.

Menstrual Period Spotting infographic

Original infographic provided by MedPlux.

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