State by State Marijuana Laws

With recent elections in the United States not only Trump had a surprise win, it was an incredible day for marijuana as well. With mostly crushing numbers eight states voted for legalization of marijuana in one form or another. California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine already had a medical marijuana program and now joined the list of states that approve of adult recreational use. Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota have joined the list of states that allow patients to use medical marijuana.

With the latter four joining, the majority of the states now recognize the healing powers of the plant. It seems almost impossible for federal government to keep this awesome plant in illegality much longer but it may still take a while before nationwide reform is there. Until that time ILGM will try to give an overview of the state by state laws so you know if and how you’re allowed to grow and use your medicine. To avoid confusion they made this infographic so you can instantly get a high-level view of the state of marijuana law where you live.

Marijuana Use infographic

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