Roller Skates Roller Derby

Roller Skates Roller Derby - Infographic
Infographic brought to us by roller skates from


Roller Derby Rules

For those not very aware of the rules of roller derby, let’s cover some of them here:

  • Each game last roughly an hour, split into two 30 min periods
  • Each period has multiple “jams”, which last a max of two minutes
  • Each team has 5 girls: Three blockers, one pivot, and one jammer

The Jam

  • Objective is to get as many points as possible
  • Points are awarded each time the jammer laps a member of the opposite team
  • One whistle blow begins plays
  • First jammer to clear the pack becomes lead jammer, and can end the jam at any point
  • The members of each team attempt to prevent the opposing jammer from passing, and help their own jammer score points

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