Legendary Online Project Management Planning – Infographic

“Whether you are organizing a small project with friends or using online project management to coordinate a large business initiative, taking on the role of project manager carries with it a heavy burden of responsibility and, more often than not, high expectations from your team.

Project managers are like the kickers of the business world. They are counted on as an essential part of the team, but are often outshone by more glamorous ‘players’ like creative directors and marketing managers. But, like their NFL counterparts, when the clock is winding down and they come through in the clutch, they are celebrated as heroes and legends.

This infographic from one of the leading innovators in project management, LiquidPlanner, boils the project management process down into 4 simple steps. By making sure that all 4 areas – scope, resources, time and budget – have been adequately accounted and planned for before starting a new project, you will be well on your way to achieving legendary status in the unsung world of project management.”

Legendary Online Project Management Planning - Infographic

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