Laptop Buying Guide: Portable Points

Are you in the market for a new laptop or know someone who is? If you’re unsure of what you may need in a new laptop or what options exist, check out hhgregg’s infographic below.

If you’re simply looking to add a secondary option to your home computer, you might find that a smaller screen and less storage space are a better fit. If you’re looking for a workstation or a new desktop and have the budget to replace your current computer, you may want to consider a mid-range laptop with hard drive levels up to 500 GB and a larger screen. And if you’re a gamer or looking to greatly improve your workstation options, you may want to consider high-end features and options, such as large screens, powerful processors and high screen resolution.

Learn the latest in laptop options and capabilities so you know what to expect for your allotted budget. To learn more about what laptop features are available to you, visit hhgregg online or in-store.

hhgregg's Laptop Buying Guide Infographic
Provided by hhgregg

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