How Recruiters Can Recover from a Bad Hire

In hiring and recruitment, getting the perfect candidate is a difficult and tricky task. Sometimes, recruiters end up sending a job offer to the wrong candidate or someone who is less than perfect for the job just to fill an empty seat.

However, the effects of a bad hiring decision don’t surface immediately. Sometimes, it takes months or even years for employers to finally say “this person isn’t right for the job.” When this happens, time and money have already been spent in training the employee, and the organization has already suffered some loss.

When the time comes that you finally accept the fact and decide to hire another person for the job, you’re going to incur another set of hiring and recruitment costs, which is both counter-productive and costly. Reports show that the average cost per hire is around $4,000. That’s no joke!

More than the financial losses, a bad hire will result in a multitude of problems within the organization. When an employee is disengaged, they don’t pull their weight around work, so other employees have to make up for the lost productivity.

What happens after that? Other employees get tired and may become disengaged with their jobs as well. Simply put, employee morale suffers.

Don’t let your organization suffer losses from hiring the wrong candidate. Check out this infographic about how recruiters and HR personnel can recover from a bad hire.

Recruiting a Bad Hire infographic

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