Cyber Crime: The Silent Pirate

Since the Internet’s infancy, cyber crime activities have exploded adversely affecting millions of businesses and governmental institutions. This is particularly true in the United States. Cyber crime does not discriminate and can strike at any time. Therefore, the need to protect what’s put online has dramatically increased. It’s more crucial than ever not to be vulnerable to thieves, especially since their activities are stealthy and remote.

Crafty cyber criminals are forever seeking ways to hack into valuable online information. One of their main targets is big business. Major retailers have recently fallen victim to attack, putting millions of customers’ personal information at risk. The long-lasting negative impact can be shattering. Online crime impedes business’ bottom lines by grinding sales and production to a halt.

Because online crime is booming, the field of cyber security has greatly flourished. It’s imperative to shield and protect businesses’ and governments’ hyper-sensitive data and devices and block cyber criminal activity to protect this information. Random attacks can cause a ripple effect of lost revenue, credibility, productivity and jobs, which in turn negatively impacts the global economy on an epic scale.

The U.S. government’s spending on cyber security is now in the double-digit billions and rising. The U.S. military has even named it in their “top list of threats.”

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