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Let me help you understand some of the differences between Brazilian Flats. Do you know what the differences are between a kitnet and a loft? How about between a penthouse and a duplex? Let me help show you here.

Types of Brazil Apartments

  1. Coverage: An apartment is the top floor in a building, it could even have an area for outdoor enjoyment and swimming pool.
  2. For Rent Studio Apartment (kitchenette or kitchenette): This is a little apartment. Main things are one bathroom and one room. The room has the bed and small kitchen.
  3. Loft: Lofts became popular in the USA in the 1960s and 1970s. In Brazil, the term because associated with big apartments, with no partitions, high ceilings, and big windows.
  4. Studio: Very similarly associated with the loft. The studio however, is characterized by more internal partitions that the loft isn’t. The loft only has the walls and is open.
  5. Duplex: If an apartment has two floors, it’s called a duplex. If it is a 3 story living unit then it is called brownstone.
  6. Standard Room: Most common and normal type of flat. The type commonly has a plant with internal division. It will have separated living room, kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms. Can be one bedroom, two, three, four bedrooms or more.

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