10 Tips for Buying the Best Diamond for Your Money

Anyone buying a diamond knows that he/she wants to get the best deal possible and get the best quality diamond for the money he/she is spending. How do you know when you go into a diamond store what is a good deal? For which qualities is your money best spent?

Here are 10 tips on what to look for when buying a diamond.

  1. Slight Inclusions: Diamonds with slight inclusions like SI1, SI2, or SI3 can save you thousands of dollars. The alternative would be buying a flawless diamond. The only way you can see these “flaws” is with a microscope.
  2. Less Than One Carat: Try a bit smaller than 1 carat, such as .90 carat. Most people will not be able to see the difference.
  3. Color: Near-colorless rated diamonds such as those rated G-J are not all that different from the diamonds in the D-F (colorless) category to the raw eye. However the price tag is substantially different.
  4. Buy Online: Go shopping online just like you would with other products. Make sure your diamond is certified so you know you will get what they say they have in inventory.
  5. Metals: When deciding which ring metal you want, white gold and palladium will be cheaper.
  6. 14k better than 18k: If you choose 14 karat instead of 18 karat gold, you can get your ring setting for cheaper without sacrificing quality. With white gold, the lesser the pure gold content, the whiter the metal will look, the higher durability it will have, and the more it will fit within your budget.
  7. Couponing: On the internet, there are a plethora of sites offering coupons on jewelry and diamonds.
  8. Loose Diamonds: Separate diamonds, also referred to as loose diamonds often come at more competitive rates, cheaper delivery, and better affordability.
  9. Cluster Diamonds: The mere shape of a cluster of diamonds makes it look like one big large diamond, and smaller diamonds are cheaper than one large one.
  10. Ring Setting Tips: Some options are Bezel, Halo, Thin band, and Elongated. Different settings will offer different financial relief on your pocketbook.

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