Tis the Season for Holiday Spending

Oh the joys of the Christmas season! From family get togethers to shopping for gifts for loved ones, there’s so much to be thankful and happy for this time of year. In addition to all the fun, there seems to be an unending list of “to do” items and a short amount of time to do them all. Because of this, people tend to lose track of how much they are spending as the days roll by.

Do you know how much money is normally spent during the holiday season? Did you know this number increases every year? From gifts to holiday decor and food, consumers are at risk for overspending, leaving them with far less holiday cheer when the New Year begins. Knowing these trends and the danger of spending habits before you start shopping should help better prepare you to stay on track this holiday season. Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Holiday Spending Infographic Provided by CreditSesame.com

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