How to Choose a Wealth Manager

Finding a reliable investment consultant is not an easy task. Some of them are competent, but lack integrity. Others are not knowledgeable enough to provide you with top-tier advisory and management services. You want a person who will act in your best interests. How to separate the wheat from the chaff and pick a perfect wealth manager?

First and foremost you are looking for a profound specialist able to carefully analyze your situation, evaluate it and draw a comprehensible plan of action. Cross out typical salespeople – they are usually charismatic, but not as knowledgeable or focused, as you want them to be. This role (personal wealth manager) requires complete dedication and involves a lot of research. Choose someone who is unbiased and committed to achieving the best results for you. Do a little homework: take a look at candidate’s LinkedIn profile, read testimonials, ask him about long-term clients, challenges and unconventional ways to resolve problems that really worked. Does your wealth manager have solid educational credentials? How many years of proven working experience he or she has? We hope this infographic will guide you in the right direction and help you choose an ideal investment advisor.

Wealth Management Infographic

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