WordPress vs Joomla, Which CMS is the Best?

Planning on building a website this year with a lot of content? Are you planning on migrating your website to another content management system? Are you generally interested in either WordPress or Joomla? This infographic can help you choose between the 2 biggest fish in the CMS pond.

WordPress, founded in 2003 by Matt Mullenberg, was initially a blogging system, but has grown to a flexible website platform. Joomla, released since 2005, has a mission to provide a flexible platform for digital publishing and collaboration. Comparing subjects such as marketshare, themes, plugins, security or (un)recommended usage, you’ll get a good picture of each system and how and when to use them.

WordPress vs Joomla! infographicSource: WordPress vs Joomla! CMS comparison by Web Whales.

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