Why Companies Give Away Freebies

This infographic was created by one of the most well known free sample sites in the UK, FabFreeSamples. They asked the big brands in the UK why they give away free samples and got some interesting results.

The main reasons for giving away free samples were:

1. Promotional giveaways – Mainly to increase samples.
2. Feedback on new products – Companies want to know WHAT you think of their new product.
3. Build new customer base – If you try a product and like it, you’re more likely to buy it.
4. Build their reputation – If their product kicks ass, you’re more likely to talk about it to your friends.

According to PMA (Promotion Marketing Association) there are 70 million samples that reach households each quarter, which is a huge amount of samples. Out of those samples, 5% are made aware of the product, and 7 out of 10 people ask further questions about the product. As you can see, offering free samples is a fantastic way to promote.

Free Samples infographic

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