Who Exercises More: Women Or Men?

We looked into the statistics…and the numbers might surprise you. This infographic is short and sweet, but it contains a high-impact health message. It was created by the expert editorial team at TheBestLife.com, the website for the health and lifestyle program of Bob Greene, Oprah’s trainer. We were surprised (and a bit concerned) about the statistic and thought it would be of interest to our primarily female readership, which is interested in statistics, tips, and information about health, wellness, diet, exercise, and fitness. Learn more about The Best Life and view other infographics at thebestlife.com/blog.

Who really does exercise more, men or women? I have often wondered that myself when I go to the gym to workout. It seems like I tend to work out where the free weights and benches/squat racks are, so I tend to see more men.
However, when I go over to where the treadmills are, I tend to see more women doing cardio. This infographic tells us that women exercise 18 minutes per day on average versus 30 minutes a day for men.

Women: 18 minutes of exercise per day
Men: 30 minutes of exercise per day

You tell me then, who exercises more, men or women?!
Do Men Or Women Exercise More
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