Weird and Unusual Taxes Throughout History

Even though it’s not unusual to be taxed, you may not be aware of all of the weird and unusual taxes placed on some throughout the years. Thankfully, most of them have already been repealed and let’s hope they stay that way.

The early Romans charged a pee tax because of the ammonia in urine that was a key ingredient to a lot of chemical processes. England charged people tax for how many windows they had on their home, and then charge extra if you wanted printed wallpaper. A few cities placed special taxes on certain prepared foods, like bagels, that were taxed as both a food and as a prepared food. Today we have what is called a “Jock Tax,” which is when entertainers or athletes earn an income while they are playing in certain cities and then have to turn around and pay taxes on a portion of that income.

Take a look at the infographic from below and see how many other crazy taxes you can learn about.

Unusual Taxes Throughout History

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