The Trifectas of Internet Marketing

David McBee works hard to make Internet Marketing as simple as possible. His claim to fame is “making sense out of internet gobbledygook.” So when he was recently asked to break down four elements of internet marketing into their MOST BASIC elements, he came up with the following infographic. You’ll see that each element is broken down into three smaller pieces, thus the TRIFECTAS. Take a look at the elements of Onsite SEO, Offsite SEO (Link building), Sponsored Links (PPC) and Social Media.

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What is internet marketing and what components are the most important? Four main categories of internet marketing are:

1. Onsite SEO
Onsite SEO focuses on everything the user actually sees. Make sure to optimize your title tags, your page description, and your on page content.

2. Offsite SEO (Also known as Link Building)
Offsite SEO, which is a fancy term for link building, is the life blood of your online efforts. You need to get links from different places, get a good variance of anchor text, and your backlink portfolio needs to continually be growing.

3. Sponsored Links (Also known as Pay Per Click)
PPC is about spending to have ads that in turn get you customers. Good use of keywords and ad grouping will help you win here.

4. Social Media
Social media is about user engagement and having great content worth sharing.

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