How To Track A Mobile Phone Using GPS – Infographic

Global fuel costs are spiralling and coupled with the growing trend of employees being asked to work remotely, companies have been turning to GPS tracking as a solution to track their employees productivity and to help reduce their fuel consumption.

GPS Tracking has traditionally been implemented through the installation of black box tracking units to a companies fleet of vehicles. However with more and more smart phones being shipped with GPS installed as standard, the ability to track individuals using their mobile phone is now becoming a viable alternative to blackbox tracking.

The image below illustrates the steps required to track a mobile phone’s location, speed, battery levels, historical journey data and time keeping using a smart phones, GPS technology and Crystal Ball’s Mobile Track business application.

Once installed the application sits on the smart phone and transmits rich location based data back to a web based mapping platform via the handsets GPS technology. The assets are then

displayed on a Google or Navteq mapping interface, where an administrator or customer service opperative can view where all of their vehicles are in real time.

The web platform also has a powerful reporting system gives you access to historical journey and drivers behavioural data, that’s valuable for business to understand where improvements can be made and costs saved.

If you would like to see for yourself how Mobile Track can help improve your business productivity and help reduce your operating costs, then why not take advantage of our free 30 day mobile phone tracking trial.

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