Top SEO Trends; Past, Present, and Future

What is the key to success in search engine optimization? Staying on top of the many algorithm changes Google implements each year for one thing. The evolution of the search engine giant means the same smart SEO strategies of the past are now outdated, ineffective, and even worse, counterproductive. Knowledge of Google’s change history from the dawn of SEO to the present and into the future is the first step to improving your search engine optimization efforts.

No one understood the importance of traveling through time more than Back to the Future’s Doc Brown. So, let’s jump into his Delorean and travel back to where it all began: when man created the world’s first website. Along the way let’s stop at every trend and impact from every era – and return with a fresh new outlook on search engine optimization.

Top SEO Trends

Top SEO Trends Past, Present & Future [Infographic] by the team at Bowen Media.

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