Top 4 Scariest Horror Movies Cursed in Real Life

Are you afraid of things that go bump in the night? Well, Happy Halloween to you and yours, because we’ve got some horror movie facts you probably don’t want to know about!
Turns out that some of the scariest horror movies we’ve ever been subjected to actually have some terrifying real life ramifications. Fun facts: movies about exorcisms often have on-set exorcisms of their own, lightning sometimes does strike twice and some movies might even cause heart attacks. It’s not just the audiences that have been seriously creeped out by these horror movies.
The scariest horror movie curses have allegedly had untimely effects on the cast and crew responsible, and sometimes even their friends and families. Take a look at the infographic by to see which horror movies have followed their creators to early graves, unexplained illnesses and even an IRA bombing.
Cursed Horror Movies Infographic

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