The State of Debt: 2016

On November 8th Americans will head to the polls and cast their votes for President. That evening, all of the news stations will undoubtedly be pouring over data and assessing electoral maps to determine which states will be designated red for Republican and which will go blue for Democrat. Inspired by this concept, Lending Club recently created an infographic comparing red and blue states on a different set of criteria: personal debt.

When it comes to credit card and personal loan debt, the residents of solidly red and majority blue states aren’t terribly different, but there were some notable findings. For example, while red state residents were found to have slightly less debt than those in blue states, they were also more likely to have delinquent personal loans. And swing states? Well, they were right in the middle.

To see how your state stacks up, check out all the of stats below.

average debt infographic

Courtesy of: Lending Club