The Cost of Living in Europe

When the monthly average wages vary across Europe from £4,396.68 in Switzerland, to £125.01 in the Ukraine, it comes as no surprise that living costs vary considerably across the continent. However, just because a country has a high average wage, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have a high disposable income – it all depends on how much things cost.

This infographic looks at all of the important costs that matter to people – like how much it costs to rent a one bedroom flat, or how much a bottle of beer costs. Here, you can find out which country in Europe has the most expensive public transportation system (you’ll never guess which one it is!) or which has the lowest health costs (things like the cost of a monthly gym pass, or a packet of paracetamol).

For anyone who wants to move across Europe, loves travelling the continent (or just loves Europe in general!), this infographic is for you!

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