The 10 Best Big Cities For Small Business

It can be hard to decide where to open a small business these days. With seemingly every city, state, and county offering different incentives – tax breaks, prime locations, name recognition, you name it – the idea to open, move, or expand your business can be a challenging one when it comes time to decide where your location is.

This infographic, provided by small business funding provider Credibly, is designed to help answer these questions. With the help of the Credibly Small Business Index, a tool designed to calculate the overall health of small business in a geographic area, we present the top 10 best big cities to open a small business in. Statistics calculated and provided include the average revenue for total small businesses in the city, the likelihood your business will remain open over a certain amount of time (two plus years in many cases), and the sort of success and competition you can expect in that city.

With this information you should have a much stronger idea of where to open your business, a better guess at what your chances might be, and a much more confident feeling when it comes time to pick the perfect location for your great business idea. Check out our guide today and get started on your entrepreneurial spirit.

Best Cities for Small Businesses infographic

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