Term And Whole Life Insurance Facts And Figures – Infographic

Life insurance provides good financial protections to individuals in case of something happening to them. Unfortunately it is one of those things in life where when you don’t need it, it is there readily offered to you, and when you do need it and you have not adequately prepared then it is not available to you.

95 million adults in the United States do not have any life insurance at all. That comes out to be about 41% of the US population.
Men: 61% have some kind of life insurance
Women: 57% have some kind of life insurance

Although 93% of Americans say that life insurance is something that most people need, 50% admit that they do not have adequate life insurance coverage. So how much do we need? Experts have said that we carry at least 10X your gross annual income in coverage. The main things we need to watch out for are heart disease, cancer, stroke, motor vehicle accident, suicide, falling, and firearm assault. Those are the leading cause of deaths in the US.

The two most commons kinds of life insurance are:
1. Term Life Insurance
2. Whole Life Insurance

We at Infographic Post are completely unbiased as far as the following carriers go. With that noted, here are some of the most popular and well known life insurance companies in the United States.
American General
Genworth Financial
Companion Life
American National
ING Direct
John Hancock
Linkcoln Financial Group

Life Insurance Facts And Figures

[Source: WholeTerm Life Insurance Quotes.org]
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