7 Blogs Every Writer Should Bookmark

2018 Blogs of the Year Infographic

Are you reading blogs? If you plan to be a writer or you already are a writer, then you should definitely read more blogs. Reading makes you better at writing. That’s a fact. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a blogger or fiction writer; reading always helps. Whenever you’re facing a challenging topic, you’re trying to gain more knowledge by reading through reliable sources of information. When […] Read more »

Fountain Pen Inks

fountain pen inks infographic

The fountain pen is a crucial piece of technology that has been used for centuries. Using a fountain pen can greatly change the way you write and also may change based upon what situation you are in. Inks used in a pen are just as crucial to the writing process. An ink can give your writing or drawing both character and personality. By using a […] Read more »

When is it Best To Use a Professional Writing Service?

writing service infographic

Why is it good to hire a professional writing service rather than doing the work yourself? We are glad you asked! Here we present the reasons why it is better to use an online writing service when writing a paper. Also, we compare what happens when the professional team does it and when you write it yourself, including interesting statistics students will find useful. Taking […] Read more »

Different Writing Techniques of Famous Writers

Writing is a skill that one cannot learn or acquire overnight. The best way to further enhance your writing skills is to make use of certain techniques and to form habits that will make you become an excellent writer. Almost all of the best and famous writers in the world share the same habits and techniques. Not all of them were able to write their masterpiece […] Read more »

Tolkien’s Tips for Writers

Writing Tips Infographic

Crazy about The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and want to become a better writer? Here you will find 10 tips from J.R.R Tolkien himself. They are authentic, taken from the letters of Tolkien and edited by Humphrey Carpenter. Many of us are looking forward to watching the final movie in The Hobbit trilogy. Open up a world of fantasy and adventure by checking out […] Read more »

Where Can You Find a Literary Agent In the USA?

Find a literary agent to get your book published - infographic

Here in the USA many of us struggle to write. We are sit down to type and wish we could articulate better and present our message better. In this infographic, we learn about literary agents and where in the USA we can find a literary agent. Would you like to get your book published? California and New York have the highest concentration of agencies that […] Read more »