The Omad Diet

omad diet infographic

The Omad Diet is a bit different than the conventional 3 meals a day that we are accustomed to. It is a diet that consists of only eating one meal every twenty four hours. It is a form of intermittent fasting that shares many great benefits and offers a simple approach to dieting. When you eat one meal a day, you simply follow what is […] Read more »

How Long Does it Take to Lose Weight

weight loss infographic

Losing weight is never easy or fast. No wonder why many people give up. Losing weight takes time, effort, and hard work, and unfortunately, there’s no accurate calculation as to how long it will take due to individual differences. Just because you’ve been eating healthy and going to the gym regularly, doesn’t mean you’ll lose weight faster than those who only go to the gym […] Read more »

10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight

weight loss infographic

There are many reasons why you never succeed on your weight loss plan. Either you overcompensate after working out or you lack sleep. Or maybe you consume excessive amounts of sugary drinks. What’s the point of your weight loss plan if you can’t discipline yourself? If you’re not losing weight in spite of your hard work, then something’s not right. It might be that there’s […] Read more »

Burn Fat and Lose Weight by Drinking Coffee

coffee health benefits

People around the world enjoy coffee, but did you know it also has positive health benefits? Coffee contains properties that can help you lose weight. The caffeine in coffee boosts your basal metabolic rate by as much as 11%. Another useful property in coffee is chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid helps your body to absorb less carbohydrates and in doing so absorb less calories. For more […] Read more »

Signs Your Body Needs Detox

Body Detox Infographic

If you’re not a healthy eater, you should consider detoxification. It eliminates harmful or toxic substances from your body, which of course, can make you healthier. Detox is a great starting point if you want to change your unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy one. Are you ready? If you are still unsure, learn the signs that your body needs detox. Read more »

A 4 Step Approach to Curing Obesity

Obesity infographic

Discovery Learning, one of the UK’s leading providers of vocational training courses for the health and fitness industry, have produced this infographic to illustrate the process that a number of personal trainers have used to successfully cure those suffering obesity. The 4 step approach has proven to empower their clients to change their lives and return to a healthy weight. Do you suffer from obesity […] Read more »

Easy Bariatric Eating Weight Loss Plan

bariatric eating infographic

For bariatric post-ops, following a typical weight loss plan may seem hard. They need a plan that should suit their needs. Not the other way around. That’s the purpose of Bariatric Eating “Easy” Weight Loss Plan — designed to help post-ops lose weight easily. Of course, challenges are inevitable. Most of the time, post-ops will be tempted to eat something new. Thankfully, there are Bariatric […] Read more »

Coolsculpting: Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Cool sculpting infographic

Coolsculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that eliminates that stubborn fat you just can’t get rid of. It is a fairly new procedure that uses a method called Cryolipolysis. Coolsculpting targets, freezes, and eventually eliminates fat cells without harming the surrounding tissue. The procedure is FDA cleared and usually requires very little to no downtime so you can get back to your daily activities almost immediately. […] Read more »

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Extract Work?

Garcinia Cambogia is a pumpkin shaped fruit, natural to Indonesia. This humble looking fruit has gained a lot of media attention in recently after Dr. Oz of the popular television show, Dr. Oz Show, proclaimed its miraculous weight loss properties. All the while the ancient Asian civilization was aware of its weight loss properties, but it only became popular in Western countries recently. Central to […] Read more »

8 Ways to Lasting Weight Loss

Weight Loss Infographic

People often worry about how to make permanent weight loss part of their lives. Diets come and go and over time usually fail to produce lasting results. But my making simple lifestyle changes you can boost your metabolism, lose weight and improve your overall health. Follow these eight points to find the lasting weight loss you’ve been searching for. Courtesy of: MDWeightLossandCosmetics Read more »