Designing Your Own Wedding Album: A Quick Guide

Wedding Album infographic

A wedding day comes and goes in a flash and it can be hard to remember every little detail of the day that you’ve planned so thoroughly. Fortunately, that’s what wedding photos are for! When you receive the photos from the wedding photographer, don’t just keep them as digital files. Create your own wedding album for you to hold onto in the days to come. […] Read more »

Hiring a DJ For Your Wedding

Wedding DJ infographic

Are you organizing a wedding and debating whether or not to hire a professional wedding DJ for your reception? It can be a daunting and difficult decision to make for your big day, however UK Mobile Discos have put together and created a useful infographic which shows many of the benefits and advantages of hiring a professional disc jockey to see if it’s the right […] Read more »

Scotland Wedding Statistics 2015

Scotland Weddings Infographic

In this wedding infographic, you can see some of the facts and figures from 2014 to 2015 detailing the trends in wedding and marriage statistics in Scotland. Including how the legalisation of same-sex marriages in Scotland has affected the number of marriages in the country. Other information includes the top 5 locations where Scots get married based upon the total number of marriages in each council […] Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to “Game of Thrones” Weddings

GoT Wedding Infographic

Are you a big fan of the most popular TV series of the past decade – Game of Thrones? Do you enjoy the glamorous wedding ceremonies that take place in it? If you do, there is some good news – you can prepare the ultimate Game of Thrones themed wedding in no time. While it may sound odd at first, it’s actually pretty easy to […] Read more »

The History of Weddings

Weddings History Infographic

A wedding is a magical and special occasion in our lives, as well as for friends and families. Weddings have been taking place since 2800 B.C. so The Italian Villa decided to create an infographic with some of the most interesting and exciting wedding facts they could find. Did you know weddings started in Egypt then spread to the Romans? From there Germanic Teutonic Tribes […] Read more »

Finding a Wedding Band in Scotland

It can take time and effort to find the perfect wedding band to play for your special day. This infographic gives a step by step path to follow to get who you want without wasting too much of your time. First, go online and check out music agency websites to find bands in your local area before looking at the individual websites for those same bands. […] Read more »

Put a Ring On It

When it comes to choosing a ring for that special someone, you may find yourself overwhelmed by blindly walking into a jewelry store. Have a look at this infographic to see all the different materials, stones and designs of rings that are available to buy on the market. Choosing that perfect ring doesn’t have to be a chore, get an idea of the type of […] Read more »

A Guide to Getting Married Abroad

Getting married abroad is proving to be an increasingly popular choice for Brits nowadays as they attempt to escape the unpredictable British weather and say their vows on a gorgeous sun-kissed beach with the sea lapping at their ankles and your honeymoon resort on your doorstep. If you are considering overseas nuptials, ‘A Brit’s Guide to Getting Married Abroad’ is on hand to offer plenty […] Read more »