The Twitter Power User Cheat Sheet

Twitter User Infographic

Nobody ever said building a successful Twitter profile was easy. However, there are hundreds of studies done on popular Twitter accounts that shows what kind of tweets do the best; ranging from the time of day, whether or not it has a link, whether or not you ask for a retweet (RT), and more. This means if you post a tweet with a link asking […] Read more »

Are Men or Women More Active on Social Media?

Social Media Activity Infographic

Social media and marketing go hand in hand in today’s business scenario. To run a winning marketing campaign, it is essential to reach out to your target audience with the help of social media. To understand the collaboration of social media, marketing campaigns and recognizing the target audience, this helpful infographic has been compiled to assist you. It will give you a clear idea about how […] Read more »

64 Ways to Improve Your Twitter Marketing – Infographic

64 ways to improve your twitter marketing infographic

Twitter has been around since 2006 but most people did not get on it. I have a friend who has been on it since about 3 months after it started, then it was just tech nerds. Now major brands and businesses are on it each and everyday promoting their products or services. Below you will see that the topics have been broken down into an easy […] Read more »

A Visual History of Twitter – Infographic

Since Twitter launch in the summer of 2006, Twitter has become the world-wide leader in micro-blogging. Twitter limits even its most famous users and celebs to a very short 140 characters including spaces. here we have an infographic that details Twitter’s most famous content creators, amazing adoption rates, and the struggle to turn a profit. Submit an Infographic   Read more »