How to Beat Procrastination and Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Procrastination is a lot more complex than you might think. People procrastinate for a variety of reasons, and not just because they’re lazy or have poor time management skills. From fear to perfectionism, we’re all driven by different psychology needs to put off the important work we should be doing. Procrastination doesn’t have to derail your whole life, though. There are plenty of simple steps […] Read more »

10 Ways to Manage Your Time as an Online Student

time management infographic

This infographic was designed by the creative team at Bisk Education on behalf of Jacksonville University. The graphic provides 10 guiding tips to help you manage your time with online courses. Online courses are convenient and give students 24/7 access to materials so they can fit study time into their professional and family lives while achieving their academic endeavors.   Read more »