What You Should Know About Teen Pregnancy

teen pregnancy infographic

Teen pregnancies are extremely common today, with about 550,000 young women getting pregnant each year. In fact, statistics show that one in four young women get pregnant before they turn 20. Still, most teens do not think about the chance of pregnancy or parenthood. They do not think about the impact that pregnancy can have on their education, career goals, relationships, and financial situations. Many […] Read more »

What Young People Need to Know About Sex Laws

Sex laws infographic

So many young people today are walking around uninformed and uneducated about sex laws. As a result, more and more young people are finding themselves involved in situations they shouldn’t be in. This infographic covers age of consent, what constitutes consent, aiding and abetting and much more. The Law Offices of Keren Goldenberg encourage everyone to stay informed about the sex laws in your area, […] Read more »

Adolescent Marijuana Smoking Statistics

How many teens are smoking pot? Find out who’s toking here. Plus, information about the real harms of marijuana, including the long term effects of smoking pot, especially on the brain after adolescent initiation of use (weed affects IQ). And a short section on how to intervene with teenagers in order to address drug abuse problems. Most pot smokers deny that smoking marijuana affects health […] Read more »

Youth Hate Crime in the USA

Hate Crime-Infographic

Twenty nine percent of all hate crime is by offenders under age 18. How does that make the parents of the world today feel? There are more issues than just raising your kids. With the prevalence of hate crime being committed by the youth of the world, we as parents and models for the youth of America must do better. The bigotry goes much deeper than […] Read more »