Entrepreneurs and Social Media

Social Media and Entrepreneurs infographic

Social media is only growing in popularity, and utilizing social media as an entrepreneur or business owner is necessary for success and visibility. Since social media is new and foreign to many business owners, there is some hesitancy to jump on the bandwagon. This infographic from the UAB Collat School of Business explains why its important to start using social media. Read more »

Gain Those Employee Engagement Benefits

employee engagement infographic

Employee engagement is very important for businesses and organizations. Paying close attention to your employee engagement and developing it can result in huge benefits for your business. These benefits can include reduced staff turnover, reduced training costs, improved efficiency, greater creativity and higher profits. This infographic by myhrtoolkit looks at how employee engagement can be improved via the effective use of social media. Whilst social […] Read more »

10 Sentences a Social Media Manager Should Never Use

social media managers infographic

Being a social media manager is awesome! Working in the digital industry, creating amazing content and connecting with communities of raving fans are only some of the perks on the job. But it’s not always a piece of cake, and sometimes, a social media manager also has to deal with difficult situations, where a customer or a follower is not happy. Even in such a […] Read more »

Why Healthcare is Failing Social Media

Social Media and Healthcare Infographic

Patients are adopting social media to interact and shop for practices. But healthcare is still far behind. A majority of patients’ healthcare decisions are influenced by social media. In fact, they are already using it to “shop around” for the best physicians, hospitals and practices. Forty one percent of people said social media would affect their choice of a specific doctor, hospital, or medical facility. The […] Read more »

How to Use Social Media Thought Leaders to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Social Media Traffic Infographic

This infographic was created because too many great writers get little to no views, social media shares, links or rankings from all the hard work they put in. The main reason this happens is because they don’t have connections within their industry to help them spread the word about their great content. This infographic provides a template for finding social media thought leaders in your industry, […] Read more »

Ebola, Social Media and the Fight to Contain Contagion

Ebola Infographic

Ebola is called an incurable and contagious virus, also known as “one of the world’s most virulent diseases” by the World Health Organization. A major Ebola epidemic has caused a public health emergency in major sub-Saharan African areas. Africa is fighting Ebola not just with policy and humanitarian aids but also with social media platforms. The Ebola virus has grabbed global attention; panic, fear, and […] Read more »

ISIS: Terror Has Gone Social

The Islamic State (ISIS) has built a sophisticated and impactful online propaganda campaign using many social media networks, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and WhatsApp. The group employs experts in the areas of marketing, PR and visual content production to ensure the legitimate appearance of its messages. The intended goals of the campaign – mainly recruiting new members (including westerners), inciting fear […] Read more »

What Exactly is Big Data?

Big Data Infographic

The world is going gaga over the term “Big Data.” Every day we see uber-long articles acknowledging how Big Data is going to change the analytics arena and how it’s the next thing in the technology world. So if you came late to the party and are searching for what exactly Big Data means, then here is an interesting infographic to get you started. Did […] Read more »

Is Social Media the Food for Eating Disorders?

There has been an increasing amount of media coverage about the connection between social media and eating disorders such as anorexia. The Internet is now a melting pot for ED communities who both glorify the disorder as well as provide support. Groups that promote trends like #Thinspiration are unconsciously encouraging EDs and are being targeted for better policing to reduce the pressure on ED sufferers. […] Read more »