How To Take Better Over Under Photos

over under photography infographic

If you own a GoPro camera and a matching split dome port then taking over under photos is really easy. You just press the shutter button on the camera and the dome does all the work. But people are often disappointed by the results. Even though technically shooting half/half photos is easy, it is not just the equipment that matters, it is the person behind […] Read more »

Designing Your Own Wedding Album: A Quick Guide

Wedding Album infographic

A wedding day comes and goes in a flash and it can be hard to remember every little detail of the day that you’ve planned so thoroughly. Fortunately, that’s what wedding photos are for! When you receive the photos from the wedding photographer, don’t just keep them as digital files. Create your own wedding album for you to hold onto in the days to come. […] Read more »

Smart Realtors Vs Savers

Real Estate Photography infographic

Photography is a large part of selling a property. Some real estate agents choose to hire professional photographers to show off their properties while other realtors choose to save money by skipping this process and taking the photos themselves. This light-hearted infographic demonstrates the differences between the smart realtor that hires a photographer and shows off their property beautifully vs the savers that take cell […] Read more »