What REALLY Happens on YouTube in 24 Hours?

YouTube Stats Infographic

Content is king, and online video content is set to rule the world in 2016. As social media platforms scramble to dethrone YouTube and earn the title of top online video platform, some have rushed to report impressive statistics. While staggering, such numbers tend to be cherry-picked and don’t necessarily show the full picture. As their video tracking and analytics tool crawls many popular video […] Read more »

How the World Consumes Videos Infographic

There are so many video hosting sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, & Yahoo videos etc., online video watching rose by significant times. Video sites are not only a great source of fun, they are also helpful if you need any online tutorial. I learned how to change my brakes by watching a YouTube Video Himanshu Khanna of Pixelonomics designed an interactive infographic which displays some nice facts about […] Read more »