History of the Olympics

Olympic History infographic

The first recorded evidence of Olympic Games took place in 776 B.C.E. in Olympia, located in the Western Peloponnese Peninsula. Documents said that there was only one event in the first Ancient Olympics, the 200 meter sprint for men. The purpose of the games was to honor Zeus, hence, it was an important religious festival for ancient Greeks. The first modern Olympics were held in […] Read more »

Pokemon at the Olympics

Pokemon Olympics infographic

Here we have a fun infographic about the Pokemon Olympic games – the Pokéathlon! The infographic looks at the best events and the best Pokémon to choose, should it ever become available on Pokémon Go, you’ll know which ones to choose. Original source of infographic by Fish4Parts. Read more »

A Look Back at the Winter Olympics

Olympics History Infographic

The 2014 Winter Olympics currently underway in Sochi, Russia are the point of focus for many right now. Whether you follow sports year-round or only get into the Games, how well do you know the history behind the Winter Olympic Games and the pageantry that comes with them? Sometimes it’s good to go back and appreciate how far the Games have really come. Read more »