Asbestosis and Asbestos Exposure

asbestosis infographic

Asbestosis is normally diagnosed following a careful medical history, history of exposure to asbestos, and some specific tests such as X-rays and CT scans. This information is precious in determining how much the illness has evolved and how well the lung is working. Biopsies are not usually necessary for asbestosis. There is no treatment that can reverse the damage asbestosis has caused to the lungs, […] Read more »

Pulmonary Fibrosis and Asbestos Exposure

pulmonary fibrosis infographic

Between 1940 and 1978, over 11 million U.S. workers would breathe in asbestos fibers on a daily basis in the workplace, which are now known to cause plenty of terrible diseases, including pulmonary fibrosis. This non-malignant disease, which has a very rapid development and, accordingly, a quite unfavorable prognosis, is responsible for the death of roughly 40,000 Americans every year. Once they attach themselves to […] Read more »