The Ultimate Lawn Care Calendar With Seasonal Tips and Advice for the Greenest Lawn

lawn care guide infographic

The ever changing climate can be quite tough on your lawn and turf, but if you give your lawn some tender loving care throughout the year you’ll be rewarded with strong healthy, greener grass even in the harshest seasons. This lawn care guide will help you keep your grass greener for longer, with monthly and seasonal tips on how to get the best out of […] Read more »

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

artificial grass infographic

Artificial grass is a safe, cost saving alternative to organic, natural grass. Home owners, business owners, government agencies and conservationists are some of the many customers that have purchased synthetic lawns. The financial, maintenance and environmental benefits make investing in artificial turf an easy decision. For one, you can cut your water bill by as much as 50%. Over the lifetime of a residential size […] Read more »

Benefits of Using Artificial Grass

Benefits of artificial grass infographic

We all know that real grass takes a lot of hard work to take care of, especially when you have a family, a job, you’re traveling a lot, or if you just don’t have time. Not to mention, the environmental advantages and money savings involved. Check out this awesome infographic that shows all the amazing benefits to using artificial grass. Courtesy of: Heavenly Greens Read more »