10 Shocking Statistics About Online Dangers for Kids

Internet Dangers infographic

The statistics in this infographic are from recent studies, and they are frightening! Parents simply cannot ignore the online dangers their kids could be exposed to. The world has changed dramatically. It’s almost impossible to imagine a world without the Internet now. It has brought many great advances to us. We now have immediate access to unprecedented stores of knowledge and data. It has revolutionized […] Read more »

Tips to Childproof Your Home

childproofing your home infographic

Is your house safe for your child? If you’re unsure, then it’s time to do something about it. Inspect every corner of your house as there could be areas that may pose danger to your kids. Children are unpredictable, they play anywhere they want. That’s why so many accidents occurr inside the home and toddlers are usually the victims. Prevent these accidents by making your […] Read more »

Kids Fire Safety

fire safety for kids

Domestic fires pose a great danger, especially for children. Each year many children loose their lives or get injured because of accidental home fires. However, not all fires are accidental. Many domestic fires are the result of our own actions and mistakes, and sometimes they occur because of children’s curiosity. All parents should try to educate themselves and their children to familiarize them with how […] Read more »

Motivating Your Kids to Stay Organized

Organization infographic

It can be hard to get your kids excited about doing chores – and it can be even harder to get yourself excited about doing chores. And yet with a little motivation, a little bribery, and maybe even just asking nicely, you can get your kids to help out around the house more than you ever expected. The Shelving Store, a leading home organization company, […] Read more »

7 Ways to Survive a Road Trip With Kids

Family Road Trip Infographic

Discover these 7 tips on making a drive with kids even more enjoyable. Learn why being prepared, having fun and bringing along the right games, music and snacks will secure a top notch vacation. Perhaps the kids are too noisy, or perhaps they never have enough room. You can easily turn the situation in your favor by following these 7 quick ideas. All you need […] Read more »

Tooth Decay and Fizzy Drinks: A Rotten Epidemic

Child Tooth Decay Infographic

Though almost one third of 5 year olds have tooth decay, many are waiting almost a year or more to have their rotted teeth removed. The culprit of the decaying teeth? Dentists across the country are blaming fizzy drinks and sodas as one of the main sources of the epidemic. This infographic delves into the issue of tooth decay in children, pointing out the worst areas in […] Read more »

If Your Couch Could Talk

Couch Infographic

The family home is the set for many different events. From your child’s first steps, or your child’s first day of school, to the day he or she moves out. Many things may change, but some things might not. Like the family couch that your first purchased when you first moved into your home. The couch has a lot of sentimental value and has been a foundation […] Read more »

Tips on Helping Your Children With Homework

Homework Tips for Parents Infographic

Are you in an homework battle with your kids? Has it become a circle of chaos in your home? Are you constantly nagging your kids to get their homework done and are they battling you about having to do their homework nightly? Some kids just simply resist doing the work or get distracted and want to give up. As a parent you know all too […] Read more »

Online Reading For Kids And The History Of Summer Vacation – Infographic

Online Reading For Kids And The History Of Summer - Studydog

Wow, I had no idea about some of these summer vacations and summer learning statistics and facts! First of all, in the 1800’s, the US public education system was just starting out and attendance at school was not required. In the early 1900’s, the department of education decided to give summers off because: 85% of the kids were involved in agriculture and farming (compared to […] Read more »