How to Find the Best Hot Rollers for Your Needs

hot rollers infographic

Countless women, young and old, strive for perfect hair. They stare in admiration and envy at that one girl among hundreds who has the perfect hair day in and day out. There are many products available on the market to style hair, ranging from flat irons to steamers, curlers and wavers. Another top-selling product range on the market for hair styling are hair rollers, sometimes […] Read more »

6 Buzzcuts You Can DIY

Going to the hairdresser every couple of weeks can become pretty expensive over time – an average male will spend as much as $40 per haircut, which means that he will spend $480 in a year if he gets a haircut every month. In 50 years, visits to the barber could cost him $22,500! This money could get you a Mini Cooper and still leave […] Read more »