Sports and Leisure Gifts for Dad

sports gifts for dad

Your dad, just like anyone, is a human being who loves presents. Who cares if it’s cheap, DIY, or something he doesn’t think he needs, the fact that you gave him something is enough to melt his heart. And if he’s into sports, there’s a wide array of gifts you can give him. Here’s just a few to help you decide. Read more »

DJ Gift Guide

DJ Gift Guide infographic

There is a lot of time and money that tends to go into building a DJ business. If you know someone who is trying to become a disc jockey or launch his own business, it stands to reason that this person could use some help getting the right equipment. Those who are just experimenting with DJing as a hobby can still benefit from a controller, […] Read more »

How to Choose a Perfect Gift Idea for Hanukkah Festival

Hanukkah Gifts Infographic

Hanukkah, the Jewish festival, is celebrated to recall and show respect for the Jewish army and the rededication of the Holy temple in Jerusalem. Hanukkah is one of the most recognized Jewish festivals and is celebrated for eight days. One of the most important religious traditions of Hanukkah is lighting the Hanukkiyah (menorahs). Hanukkah menorahs are a type of candelabra. Each night of Hanukkah, at sunset, […] Read more »