Gain Those Employee Engagement Benefits

employee engagement infographic

Employee engagement is very important for businesses and organizations. Paying close attention to your employee engagement and developing it can result in huge benefits for your business. These benefits can include reduced staff turnover, reduced training costs, improved efficiency, greater creativity and higher profits. This infographic by myhrtoolkit looks at how employee engagement can be improved via the effective use of social media. Whilst social […] Read more »

The Rockstar Framework for Ensuring Blissful Employee Relations

employee relations infographic

Any professional business needs to consider its employee relations. Strong employee relations can contribute towards increased motivation, productivity and profits. Neglecting employee relations can lead to a dissatisfied workforce, increased staff turnover and high recruitment and training costs. But how can you ensure that your business builds and maintains strong employee relations? This infographic centers on advice provided by accomplished organizational architect, Murad Salman Mirza […] Read more »

How to Engage Your Retail Associates

retail infographic

In today’s competitive and volatile retail environment, any strategic change can mean the difference in the competitive edge. Employee engagement is essential to the success of an organization, and with retail employees planning to switch jobs at an alarming rate, organizations would do well to have a plan for better retention. Better retention numbers translate to a better bottom line, but engaging employees is a […] Read more »