Andrea Bocelli’s Worldwide Concert Tour Dates and Ticket Prices

concert ticket prices infographic

Singer extraordinaire and tenor great Andrea Bocelli is touring again across Europe and the United States, and in this infographic you’ll see the lowest, highest and average ticket prices for each city on his tour.  The data was compiled by reviewing the top twenty or so event ticket sites’ prices for each tour stop from doing a google search. Sites from both the primary and secondary ticket market are represented. The […] Read more »

The Differences in How Teens and Adults Listen to Music

Listening to Music Infographic

Friedrich Nietzsche once said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” This quote shows how important music is in our lives but we don’t all listen to it the same. The infographic below shows how teens and adults listen to music differently, with one clear difference being that teens mainly focus on Internet services such as YouTube and iTunes, while adults prefer more traditional ways. […] Read more »