Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

benefits of drinking coffee infographic

The majority of Americans drink over a cup of coffee per day. created the following infographic which lists nine evidence-based benefits of drinking coffee. There are plenty of health benefits to drinking coffee. If you look at the ingredients of some nutritional supplements, it is common to see caffeine on the list. Studies show that coffee consumption can lower the risk of developing Type-2 […] Read more »

Is Acrylamide in Coffee a Health Risk?

coffee infographic

When food is cooked at high heat, the chemical acrylamide is formed during the reaction. This chemical is odorless and has negative side effects. Many foods contain acrylamide, and this includes coffee. Occupational settings can expose us to high levels of this chemical, and it can have neurotoxic effects. Different coffee species do not differ significantly in acrylamide content. However, coffee substitutes, brewed coffee, and […] Read more »

Instant Coffee Vs. Regular Brewed Coffee

coffee infographic

One of the most popular drinks in the world is coffee. There are lots of health benefits to regular brewed coffee where consumption is associated with a longer life. Studies have shown it protects you from heart disease and developing type 2 diabetes. Coffee is also nutrient-rich with potassium, pantothenic acid, magnesium, and riboflavin. Beneficial psychoactive effects from the caffeine in coffee include reaction time, […] Read more »

Burn Fat and Lose Weight by Drinking Coffee

coffee health benefits

People around the world enjoy coffee, but did you know it also has positive health benefits? Coffee contains properties that can help you lose weight. The caffeine in coffee boosts your basal metabolic rate by as much as 11%. Another useful property in coffee is chlorogenic acid. Chlorogenic acid helps your body to absorb less carbohydrates and in doing so absorb less calories. For more […] Read more »

10 Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee Benefits infographic

Drinking coffee may be a way for you to counterattack sleepiness. Or it could be an important part of your morning ritual. Whatever your reason for drinking coffee, did you know that it has many health benefits? Coffee lowers your risks of getting certain types of cancer and helps burn fat. Read on to learn more. Read more »

Creative Ways to Store Your Coffee Pods

coffee pod infographic

Coffee pods are a little bit different from traditional coffee that most people are used to. They offer a variety of flavors, are easy to use and one pod is just enough for one cup of coffee. But there is one thing that people usually don’t like about them. Pods take up space and sometimes it’s hard to find the right one while you are […] Read more »

Coffee in the UK

UK Coffee Infographic

Brits are mostly known as tea drinkers, but coffee is surely gaining in popularity in the last few years – mostly thanks to influence from the US. But how popular is it really? Turns out, still not close to tea! But it’s getting better! We took a look at some coffee consumption stats and put them together in this coffee-themed infographic. Find out how many […] Read more »

8 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Cold Brew Coffee

Cold Brew Coffee Infographic

Cold brew coffee is sweeping the nation and winning the hearts of millions. While it was originally offered in local coffee shops it’s now being offered by bigger brands including Starbucks in some of their stores. In the infographic below we will be sharing 8 things you didn’t know about cold brew coffee including what it is, how to brew it, what it tastes like, […] Read more »

Specialty Coffee from Jamaica

Most people start their day with a cup of coffee. Now you can start your day with the world’s rarest coffee for just .80¢ per cup. Coffee has many health benefits such as being good for your heart, liver, and preventing alzheimers. Coffee can even enhance your workout. It’s hard to believe that before coffee caught on in the US, beer was the breakfast drink […] Read more »