3 Ways Modeling Agencies in Toronto Are Heating Up Corporate Parties

Modeling Agency infographic

Models as Brand Ambassadors can help boost your brand promotions and give a great first impression to all your guests at parties and corporate events. Hiring models from the best modeling agency in Toronto can save a lot of your time and money plus they also provide expert planning and party set-up ideas to ensure that the event is an extraordinary success. Here are 3 […] Read more »

Why Companies Give Away Freebies

Free Samples infographic

This infographic was created by one of the most well known free sample sites in the UK, FabFreeSamples. They asked the big brands in the UK why they give away free samples and got some interesting results. The main reasons for giving away free samples were: 1. Promotional giveaways – Mainly to increase samples. 2. Feedback on new products – Companies want to know WHAT […] Read more »

Why Professional Logos Drive Brand Engagement

Brand Engagement Infographic

Creating a logo is one thing. Communicating it to the world is an entirely different thing. Repeat Logo specializes in expert logo design services with one main focus – to create business logos which encapsulate your brand culture and ethos. Creating a brand can be difficult but it is possible to display your brand in the best possible light online. Don’t know how to start? This […] Read more »

The Ultimate Guide to Visual Branding

An essential part of a business’s promotion strategy is visual branding. The visual brand is the first thing that customers, clients and potential staff will see so it’s vital to get this right. To help you along the way, this infographic was created so that your business will be on the right path to success. Read more »

How to be the Super Hero at Your Next Industry Trade Show

Promotional Products Infographic

The power of using promotional products at a trade show cannot be overlooked. This infographic illustrates which promotional items are liked the best, used the most, and appreciated by most people. Using these promotional gifts will ensure your brand’s visibility for a long time to come, and in the broadest audience possible. People using your trade show giveaway are spreading brand awareness to everyone they come […] Read more »

How Color Defines a Brand

Brands and Color Infographic

Color is one of the most important elements to consider when developing your brand and the image you want for your company or organization. Color speaks to the subconscious mind, it sends messages in a split second, which triggers the viewer to be attracted to or turned off by what they see. A brand name is important, a slogan or tagline will help your brand […] Read more »

The Evolution of Logos

The infographic is titled the Evolution of Logos, and explains just that. Branding and brand image is such a hot topic in the marketing world today. Branding and logo design is a continuously evolving process that has to adapt to cultural shifts. This infographic takes its readers through the logo and branding history of some of today’s largest companies. I hope you enjoy this infographic as much […] Read more »

Is Your Logo A Cliche?

They say that you only get one chance to make a first impression, and for many businesses that first chance is their logo. No one wants a forgettable, monotonous logo design. Yet there are countless businesses that use the same old tired logo clichés to represent them. You know what I’m talking about: a realty company with floating rooftops, abstract people made from swooshes and […] Read more »