Catchers in the Hall of Fame

hall of fame catchers infographic

There are 18 catchers in the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. Each of these men played in different eras, for different teams, each leveraging different strengths on their path to baseball immortality. These legends contributed much to the game of baseball and they deserve to be remembered. This infographic aims to celebrate the 18 Hall of Fame catchers by displaying information about […] Read more »

Women’s Baseball History

Women in baseball infographic

The Women’s Baseball League in America started amid World War II. More men were being drafted into the armed forces, and as a result, baseball fans were slowly losing interest. This provoked Philip Wrigley along with his assistant to start a baseball league played by women. Everybody loved women’s baseball. But what about its history? Do you know how it started? What urged the women […] Read more »

Fun Baseball Facts and Stats

Fun Baseball Facts and Stats - Infographic

Infographic brought to us by Nationwide Insurance. Play Ball!! Memorable Moments In Baseball History 1846  First official game of baseball was played 1868  First pack of baseball cards created 1876  First professional baseball league was formed 1920  Average baseball ticket cost $1.00 1921  Baseball was broadcast on the radio for the first time 1929  Baseball game was televised for the first time 1963  Average baseball […] Read more »