The Superhero Infographic

Ever wondered how the Hulk bulks up? How Spiderman stays so agile? And how Superman lifts so much? Well apart from the help of super powers and superhuman abilities, hard work and dedication is key along with the right workout.

Working the right muscle groups will help you gain the benefits and reach your goals when it comes to your workout. So choosing the right exercises and movements is essential. We’ve teamed up with Body Aid Solutions to bring you a fun and informative infographic that looks at the workouts behind the superheroes.

Including an insightful profile, you can discover how you too can benefit your workout from the influence of some of the world’s most renowned superheroes. Brought to life with cool graphics and comic-book features, our easy to follow guide won’t fail to capture the imagination.

The key to a successful workout is knowing the right exercises and thanks to Body Aid’s expertise in personal trainer courses, a healthier, stronger and more agile you is just around the corner. While you may not have any super villains chasing you, you don’t need to be a superhero to have a superhero workout.


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