Strained Sports: Common Sports Injuries

No matter how good of shape a person is in, they can still suffer from an injury while playing a sport. In fact, it’s more common than you think to suffer from a dislocated joint, muscle strain, tendon tear or bone fracture.

This infographic takes a look at which sports have injuries the most and what those injuries are. It’s a safe guess that football players suffer from the most injuries during their games because of the hard hitting and intense tackles. The most common of which is a head injury with 274,455 players suffering in 2011. The second most common football injury is to the shoulders with 144,896 players. This infographic also looks at which teams have the most reported injuries per week, with the New York Jets in the number one spot for the NFL and the San Diego Padres with the most in the MLB. Some sports injuries are so severe that they can cause brain injuries and even death. Boxing has had an average of 10 deaths a year since 1990.


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